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About Us

Providing Sustainability For Food Supply Globally

Our key team experts have been providing Agriculture consultation since 1985, in (USA), we, at Agro US Solutions LLC, have carved a niche owing to the vast knowledge and experience of our key Scientist – Being a Certified Soil Scientist, Agronomist, Agricultural Consultant, he has taken several Agricultural Land Development Projects in the USA, Brazil, Canada, Pakistan, Philippines, Paraguay, Iraq, Georgia, and Turkey.

Our Experience Team

Dr. Akhtar Khwaja Professional Activities and CV

He has over 35 years working experience of developing Agricultural projects and business worldwide. Dr. Khwaja and K Laboratories, Inc., Oshkosh, WI, USA – K AG Laboratories have developed Agricultural Technology for farmers of high value crops across the USA and also in many other countries. Dr. Akhtar Khwaja PhD in Soil Science and his expertise is to provide leadership role in Agricultural project development. He has worked as consultant and provides services to thousands of Agricultural organization and Ag. Industries in USA and Canada since 1980. Dr. Akhtar Khwaja has also worked with International Research Institute, New York where he has demonstrated in developing hundreds of Agricultural demonstration plots for field and oil crops, and also developed nutrient management plans for 40 field crops, grains, vegetables and trees, and rehabilitation plans for fodder and pastures. Dr. Akhtar Khwaja has developed nutritional management program for cranberry, ginseng, blueberries and many other high value crops. Dr. Khwaja has setup high tech soil, plant and water testing labs to implement and develop nutritional management program. He has developed reduce fertilizer and nutrients program for many crops in USA and other countries. Dr. Akhtar Khwaja organic fertilizers and management of manure and sewage management for Agricultural field and for bio-gas is quite known and adopted by the local farmers. Similar program of organic fertilizer and management of manure and sewage management Dr. Khwaja has developed for Pakistani, Georgian and for Ethiopian farmers. Dr. Khwaja has also developed a nutrient management demonstration plots for several crops. Presently working as Advisor to Agrounitedcanada, Inc. Canadian based company developing projects in Ethiopia. Where he is helping to develop 10,000 hectare land for Soybean and other crops production. Which include demonstration plan and nutrient management program? He has worked in Brazil, Paraguay, Philippines, Iraq, Taiwan, USA, and Canada on Crops and nutrition and water management project. He has specialized on drip irrigation and water drainage system for row crop, soybean, edible oil such as sunflower, alfalfa, corn, and vegetables, greenhouse crop and developments, fruit crops, trees, and has developed hundred of commercial irrigation projects. Dr. Khwaja has consulted and developed project in USA, Canada, Pakistan, Philippines, Iraq, Brazil, Paraguay, Turkey, Georgia, Dominican Republic and now in Ethiopia. Dr. Khwaja has been helping ginseng, cranberry, black walnut tree and other high value crop growers since 1980. Some of the projects are as follows :

  • Advised and assisted over 500 black walnut tree growers in the USA and Canada, Argentina, Spain and Turkey.
  • 12,000 acres Low Bush Blue Berries, N. B., Canada
  • Ginseng, growers in USA, Canada
  • Vegetables growers in Dominican Republic, Pakistan, Tbilisi, Georgia, the USA, Canada and Bahamas
  • Soybean development project in USA, and Ethiopia, Turkey, Tbilisi, and many other countries

Agricultural Projects in other parts of the World :

  • 250,000 acres Agricultural Crops Project, Brazil, 1980-82
  • Paraguay World Bank Project, Field Crops, 1982
  • Philippines Sugarcane project, Philippines, 1975
  • 350,000 acres UN Project, Iraq, 1976-78.
  • 12,000 acres Low Bush Blue Berries, N. B., Canada.
  • Northland Cranberry Project : Worked as Consultant for three years, USA.

Georgia : 1100 hectares at 5 locations drip and pivot irrigation system nutrient management plans for field crops, and for alfalfa, vegetables, Garlic, soybean plantation in Georgia, Tbilisi area in 2010-11. Worked as Farmers and Farmers friends of America program as a Crop and soil fertility consultant in Dominican Republic in 2012. Working at present as Soil fertility and fertilizer consultant to high value crops and serving to over 100 top cranberry growers since 1983 in the USA and Canada. Countries worked and visited : Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Great Britain, Indonesia, Iraq, Italy, Korea, Kuwait, Nigeria, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ethiopia, Georgia and USA. Memberships :

  • Member of American Society of Professional Agriculture
  • International Soil Scientist Society
  • Crop Society of America
  • Soil Science Society of Agriculture
  • Agronomy Society of Agriculture
  • Ginseng Associates of Wisconsin (USA)
  • Cranberry Associates of Wisconsin (USA)

Certified as Ag Consultant from following organizations :

  • Certified Member of American Society of Professional Consultants
  • American Registry of Certified Agronomy,
  • American Registry of Certified Soil Scientists
  • Certified Professional Crop Advisor

He has written 100 of articles, scientific papers, reports, and attended 1000 of Agricultural seminar around the world. Education : PhD in Soil Science from University of Philippines, LosBonos, Research Fellow : International World research center, Taiwan, ROC Citizenship : USA from Wisconsin, USA.

Chris Manji - CEO at A2B Consulting LLC, Vice President Charity for Uganda Org.

Chris Manji provides support & resources to business owners looking to enhance profits, create operating efficiencies, & access capital markets more efficiently in serving & understanding in manufacturing, distribution, global, real estate for retail, industrial, hospitality, etc.

Specialized sustainable high-value crops in North America & international agriculture for large commercial farming projects, with a full team, consisting of agriculture soil scientists, expert and farming key people & sources for organic fertilizer, prescribed specifically for each site & crop.

Mr. Manji is the CEO of A2B Consulting LLC, with a previous expertise in financing & consulting.

He works in project financing for residential multifamily & commercial projects. He specializes in healthcare facilities including residential adult family homes, assisted living facilities group homes, acquisition & refinancing.

He is a direct correspondent lender, on larger projects. He specializes in providing financing for most franchises.

A2B Consulting LLC has a great team that assists & provides customized solutions. This has brought him so far in business & which comes with tremendous pride.

A2B team has extensive experience working in both environments & is ready at any moment to provide you with whatever support you need throughout your project. They specialize in SBA loans with as low as 10% down & conventional financing.

He also has established a nonprofit organization charity for Uganda & he is supporting 5 schools in Uganda with agri projects & providing clean water for the students & their families, with corporation with WWH.

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